Pravasi Ganga Prahari


Pravasi Ganga Prahari

PRAVASI GANGA PRAHARI is a platform for citizens of Indian origin and others residing across the global to make their contribute towards Ganga Cleanliness and rejuvenation. It is an extension of the Ganga Prahari programme where people valuing this priceless natural resource can come together, exchange ideas and contribute through off-site activities and on-site actions whenever they visit India. Thus, making it a platform for the global Indian citizens to make long-lasting contributions towards conservation of this natural resource. Through this group our diaspora can give their valuable suggestions towards nation building.

The programme aims to actively engage non-resident Indians, foreigners and global citizens as “Pravasi Ganga Praharis” through activities that would assist NMCG’s efforts in Ganga conservation. Working both on-site and off-site with the community members through awareness raising, community mobilization programmes and facilitating with various scientific and public institutions, these representatives of Pravasi Ganga Praharis will lay strong foundation for the conservation of the Ganga River at a global scale. They can also use this platform for making nominal monetary contributions that shall be directed to towards the Clean Ganga Fund (CGF) set up by the NMCG.

Every small effort is a significant contribution towards an Aviral and Nirmal Ganga. Members of this programme can participate in both on-site and off-site activities as per their convenience. 

Kindly follow the link https://nmcg.nic.in/cleangangafund/index.html for your contribution towards rejuvenation and cleanliness of the Ganga River in monetary terms.