Ganga-A National River


ganga basinThe Himalayas are the source of three major Indian rivers namely the Indus, the Ganga and the Brahmaputra. Ganga drains a basin of extraordinary variation in altitude,climate, land use, flora & fauna, social and cultural life.Ganga has been a cradle of human civilization since time immemorial. Millions depend on this great river for physical and spiritual sustenance. People have immense faith in the powers of healing and regeneration of the Ganga. It is arguably the most sacred river in the world and is deeply revered by the people of this country. The River plays a vital role in religious ceremonies and rituals. To bathe in Ganga is a lifelong ambition of many who congregate in large numbers for several river centered festivals such as Kumbh Mela and numerous Snan (bath) festivals.